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Gotta put something here I suppose

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Oct. 16th, 2006 | 08:05 pm
location: Legion of Doom swamp base
mood: creativecreative
music: Killswitch Engage - This fire inside
posted by: daoutlaw in something_cply

so havent had time to really update this desolation of community. I guess I'll have to do something.

Carolyn is inactive so far due to influenza. I wish her fast recovery. As much as I hope to get PMX masq skit rolling, if the skit is gonna be a strain in the recovery, then there's really no point. Right now, everything's in neutral as I have no clue of everyone else's status on this AND Rowan's measurement for the certain costume *anyone else reading this and thinking something sick, you're out of your fucking minds*

Onward to the aftermath *long one at that too* of Animagic. What a tragedy this con has become. So many things went wrong this year I dunno where to begin. But this con was more of trial con for Ouran cosplay in terms of cosplaying. I finally got to see myself as Kyouya *pikmin link's consplayer gallery* and I gotta say

lordy lord fuckin christ.

Mike was right when he said I looked like him when he was 14.

I could go on to nitpick my own cosplay, but with Ouran cosplay its how you look as opposed to how your costume itself look. Something felt off with how I looked. Granted Kyouya is one bloody feminine bastard and im no bish by all means. But damn I looked weird. Maybe it's the glasses. I have never worn glasses in my life and to see myself looking like generic asian CPA *certified public accountant*, it kinda freaked me out inside.

I'm actually looking forward to PMX. Especially with creators of Avatar : the last airbender. Not only am I fan of the series, but I had the luck and honor of working on PSP version of Avatar game *QA Tester*. So no surprise when I say I'm gonna get PSP Avatar signed by them hopefully. I wonder if they'll be surprised by it.....

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Pacific Media Expo

from: tatsugawa
date: Oct. 17th, 2006 08:28 am (UTC)

There is a whole threadbending group here who is gearing up to cosplay at PMX.

Also, Sifu Kisu will be coming to lead some martial arts workshops and teach people how to bend.

For Avatar lovers, it is the perfect Avatar Day!


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